I finally got fed up with stupid mp3 player shuffle functions. Mainly the one in my car... So I wrote this one. It will only work in players that can play songs in filename order (like my car does, and like most do by default).

Just drop the shuffle.vbs script into a folder that contains a bunch of mp3 files and double click it. The script will prefix all mp3 files in that folder with a 4 digit number in a random sequence where no 2 songs of the same artists will follow each other (if possable).

Currently the script will only randomly sequence the first 9999 mp3s in a folder.

If you run this in a directory with mp3s that all have the same artist it will take a little longer to run but it will eventually randomly sequence them.

The artist is derrived from the mp3 Artist tag.

Download: shuffle.vbs (right click - save as)

If your browser renames the file to shuffle.txt simply rename it back to shuffle.vbs

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