This program requires Sun Microsystems' java vm. click here if you don't already have it.
May not work in some installations of Opera, Please try Internet explorer if you are using Opera and you get an invalid bytecode error.


Max Iterations I=
J Parameter type P=
Center C= +i   B=
    êC= +i   êB=
Cll= +i Cul= +i
ê    ê
Rotation: o
Skew: o
Initial c= + i  ,   êc= + i
cll= + i  ,   cul= + i
Induction level y=
f1(z)= f2(z)= f3(z)= f4(z)=
m1= + i m2= + i m3= + i m4= + i
j1= j2= j3= j4=
êj1= êj2= êj3= êj4=
j1ll= j1ul= j2ll= j2ul= j3ll= j3ul= j4ll= j4ul=
u1= u2= u3= u4=
o1= + i o2= + i o3= + i o4= + i
p1= + i p2= + i p3= + i p4= + i
g1(z)= g2(z)= g3(z)= g4(z)=
n1= + i n2= + i n3= + i n4= + i
k1= k2= k3= k4=
v1= v2= v3= v4=
q1= + i q2= + i q3= + i q4= + i
r1= + i r2= + i r3= + i r4= + i
Load parameter set: Save as Parameter set:
Coloring Meathod M=
Color Palette
Use Predefined Color Map:
Number of Colors:
  Hue + Sat + Val +
Color 0:      
Color 1:
Color 2:
Modulate Color 1 and 2 by:

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